MP7 420/69 CR
MP7 420/69 CR
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MP7 420/69 CR

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NSW MP7 420/69 CR


Lead 4-6 weeks.


Made to the same secification as supplied to the US Military.

(4) MP7 Magazines (or 9mm PCC/SMG Mags)

(1) Double stack sidearm magazine

Internal storage 6"x11" (top accessible with velcro closure)

Loop back for name tapes and accessories.

Side elastics for batteries, sharpies, hand held light etc.

Horizontal TQ is permanently attached.


*Harness is included with all MP7 420/69 CR


**due to the design of HK MP7 Magazines you will need to clear the magazine over travel stop at the base pad when indexing magazines.  Pull elastic away from body and insert magazine until top of magazine reaches the horizontal elastics.**


USA made using USA components 



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