CCR PS 2.0 Placard / Chest Rig
CCR PS 2.0 Placard / Chest Rig
CCR PS 2.0 Placard / Chest Rig
Moonlight Industries

CCR PS 2.0 Placard / Chest Rig

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**LEAD TIME is currently estimated to be ~4-8 weeks.  This is an estimate. 




Does not include cards, see cards page to buy cards.  


Convertible PC Placard / Chest Rig for swift clip systems (JPC 2.0 and similar)**



Mil-Spec Elastic, thread, webbing, hook, loop.    All high stress points receive enough stitching to ensure they do not fail.  G Clip harness sytem is optional


Each rigs will carry the following load:

(3) Shotgun cards

(2) Pistol magazines

(1) TQ

(2) CR123 Batteries (Or Sharpie, etc.)

Internal storage is loop lined with pull tabs and secured with a velcro closure between the vertical buckles.



Internal storage is approximately 9" x 6" and includes pull tabs for easy access.  Loop lined interior for sheath and holster compatibility.

G clip harness system quickly adapts between chest rig and plate carrier placard use

Back of rig is hook backed and swift clip ready

Loop panel included to cover hook panel when used as a chest rig

Main body is designed for additional storage which takes up the entire dimension of the chest rig and can be accessed through velcro top closure. 


External dimension of chest rig body is approximately 10" x 6" not including buckles

Hand Made in America



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