Getaway Driver 2.0
Getaway Driver 2.0
Getaway Driver 2.0
Moonlight Industries

Getaway Driver 2.0

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**LEAD TIME is currently estimated to be ~6-10 weeks.  This is an estimate. 



Harness is included.

 Harness colors: Ranger, Coyote, Black.  We will choose the best color match.  


The following have molle fronts: MCB, Black, Ranger, Coyote


All others will be slick.



 4 variants:

2 primary +3 secondary M4

2+2 AK

2+2 762x51

3+2 SMG


All variants have a loop velcro lined interior with pull tabs and are hook backed for danglers and accesories.  A horizontal TQ dangler is permanently attached.

These are stand alone rigs and will not interface with carriers.  These are not plate carrier placards.








***ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL BUYERS, any shipping over charge will be refunded when applicable**

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